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A re-release of Tom Stone’s 2009 manuscript on Multiplying Bottles, and more. Includes a precursor to the 100’th Monkey effect.

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This is a re-release of an 2009 ebook

  • Stirring up the Still – A new introduction for Multiplying Bottles
  • Don’t stare at my Bottom – An idea for Multiplying Bottles.
  • The Pianist’s Cutlery – Where a spoon mysteriously travel from one place to another. Based on the Piano Card Trick.
  • Redneck Remedy – A sequence inspired by Marconick.
  • GlassWhere? – An idea for making only the glass travel from one tube to another.
  •  Audience Cues – Which discuss ideas on how one might secretly cue an audience in a Thought Transmitter routine. A precursor to the 100’th Monkey effect.
  • Glass-Bottle-Can – Created by Daniel Risman. This allows the glass to be transformed into a canister, in a Multiplying Bottle routine
  •  Paperback Writer – which is almost a prediction effect.
  • Multiplying Glasses – Not only the bottles multiply.


“Any performers interested in doing or possibly adding the multiplying bottles to their act could do no better than to get Tom’s latest creation – “Moonshine Monologues”. Tom’s original approach solves the problem of adding the 3rd nest and gets away from the usually seen presentation of the effect. You will like this material. In addition, he describes a few possible modifications to the standard apparatus for those desiring to perform effects not available to all. Tom also builds upon Marconick’s work and describes a novel routine with the apparatus. There is a totally new idea where the glass only travels, a clever idea adding a can into the mix, and a way of adding multiplying glasses to the routine. Besides all of the great multiplying bottle goodies, Tom includes an interesting routine using flatware, some ideas on using audience cues, and a big “sleeper” effect entitled “Paperback Writer”. This last item alone is worth the small fee that Tom asks. If you are trying to be different in your presentation of the multiplying bottles, you NEED this manuscript.Jim Riser

” I download this e-book a few days ago and I love it! It’s got some great ideas and routines for the Multiplying Bottles, a stage effect with tremendous commercial appeal, that is usually performed with Ken Brooke’s Multiplying Martini routine. I am thrilled to see that Mr. Stone has taken this trick to another level. I have read most of Tom Stone’s e-books and I must say that the man never fails to impress me with his clever “Outside of the Box” thinking. Bravo. Levent

” I have no idea how he could think of so many things never done before with a standard like the bottles.Pete Biro

” I was extremely impressed by Tom Stone’s “Moonshine Monologues”. He has taken a classic trick and rethought every aspect of it, from the introduction of the bottles — in fact all the apparatus — to an expansion of Marconick’s idea of a ribbon around the nexk of a bottle. Here the ribbon appears, disappears, flies from tube to tube and winds up in the glass, where it again transposes! I found “Audience Cues” entrancing. Tom’s effect has to do with perception and cuing an assistant (or the entire audience, with the exception of the assistant). Tom, as always, has provide a massive number of excellent illustrations, and his imagination and inventiveness are inspiring. For those who want to progress beyond close-up to parlor or stage, or even want to movetheir thinking along several notches, this is highly recommended.Matthew Field