Welcome to the description part of our Bonus Points System.

For every purchase you make, you will receive Bonus Points depending on the total cart price you have paid (1$ eq. 1BP).

What can I do with my Bonus Points?
You can redeem your BPs for Coupon codes:

  • 10%-off Coupon for 100 BPs
  • 15%-off Coupon for 150 BPs
  • 20%-off Coupon for 200 BPs

All coupons above cannot be combined with other coupons we send out regularly, unless otherwise stated. Only Presale products are excluded from coupon usage.

Where can I see my Bonus Points?
From here: https://erdnasemagicstore.io/my-account/

How can I redeem my Bonus Points for Coupon codes?
Just contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or through our ‘Contact us‘ page and let us know, how much BPs you would like to exchange.




*We claim the right to change the exchange rate or remove this Bonus system at anytime.