Q: How do I find the download Links of my purchased products?
A1: The download links will be sent to your e-mail. So please check also your Spam/Junk folder of your e-mail account, if you cannot find the download links in your e-mail.
A2: You can also login to erdnasemagicstore and go to https://erdnasemagicstore.io/my-account/downloads/ and you will see all the download Links of all purchased products.

Q: If I cannot find a product I am looking for on your store, can I make request for specific products?
A: Yes, you can request for specific products you would like to purchase. Just contact us via email at [email protected] with your requests or use ‘Contact us‘ form. We will do our best to get this product on our store.

Q: What should I do, when the download link is dead?
A: Don’t worry, simply reply directly to your order completion email with the download links and give us the name of the dead links or use ‘Contact us‘ form.

Q: How to open pdf files?
A: We recommend to use https://get.adobe.com/reader/ to open all pdf files.

Q: I have trouble playing my video.
A: The best and free player we recommend is https://www.videolan.org/ ,, which is available for all common operating systems (Windows, MAC and Linux).

Q: How to open zip/rar files?
A: Please use 7-ZIP to un-zip folders. Then, you will see the files.

Q: Why was my order rejected?
A: Please make sure that all infos you registered on the website are real and effective, and use your common equipment and network environment to place orders, generally speaking, orders are rejected because of the use of false information and network agents.

Q: Why am I blocked?
A: You may have violated site rules, usually due to the use of proxy software, false registration information, malicious refunds, etc.

Q: How to check if I already bought a specific download?
A: Go directly to https://erdnasemagicstore.io/my-account/downloads/ and type the author/product name inside “Search Downloads” field.