Hello everybody!

Please read the following very carefully before ordering.

Throughout this page, we are explaining in detail how you can pay for your orders with ease. We have 2 payment systems:

  1. First System is called “Wallet Credits” (works fully automatic with instant order completion):

You simply purchase a credit package of your choice from HERE . You can pay via PayPal or Credit Card, then credits gets added instantly to your own erdnase wallet! Now you can add products to your cart and choose “Wallet” during checkout and your credits will be used automatically against the products you had in your cart! BAM! ⮞⮞ Download links of your purchased products are now available instantly under your own downloads section: https://erdnasemagicstore.io/my-account/downloads/

To sum it up, this system works fully automatic from A to Z with instant Download access!


PLEASE ALWAYS HAVE A QUICK GLANCE ON YOUR PAYPAL/CARD statement AFTER PAYMENT. BECAUSE, our charge will always appear in different name than “erdnasemagicstore” .. so you MUST be aware that this is us, to avoid confusion on your end.




2. Second System is called “PayPal invoice via email” (we check your payment and complete your order manually):

You simply go ahead and add products directly to your cart. OK? Then during checkout, choose “PayPal invoice via email” . Now comes the most important part:

After filling your info (name, etc) ,, you will see a section called “Paypal informations” ,, this section has 2 fields: “PayPal Name” and “PayPal Email”

“PayPal Name” field: Simply type the name of your PayPal account inside this field. If you have a business PayPal account, type the business name.

“PayPal Email” field: Simply type the email address of your PayPal account inside this field.

To sum it up, filling these 2 fields correctly, allows us to identify your payments and complete your orders with no hassle.

NOW, just click on “PLACE ORDER” ,, you will receive order receipt via email with the instructions on how to pay via PayPal. (Works best with gmail, hotmail or yahoo accounts. Also check spam folder for our emails).


The following are strict guidelines that you MUST follow when using “PayPal invoice via email” system:


  1. order number
  2. product name

Just LEAVE all payment fields EMPTY for god’s sake. We can already identify payments and complete orders using your PayPal info that you provided during checkout! . (So again, no need to put order number or anything else along with your PayPal payment) .

In case PayPal isn’t letting payment go through and requires you to type a description of what you are paying for, just type “service” .

Please also be informed that any payment made without the above criteria will be refunded immediately and order will be cancelled.

Important note: After successful payment we will complete your order and the download links will be sent to your email. The download links of all your purchases can also be accessed under https://erdnasemagicstore.io/my-account/downloads/

Q: After successful payment through “PayPal invoice via email” ,, how long do I have to wait for the download links?
A1: Most of the time it takes only few minutes until we complete your order.
A2: Sometimes all staff members are busy or resting, so in worst case it could take up to 12 hours.



  • PayPal disallow Filesharing.
  • Don’t tell what you buy to PayPal and send us PayPal Questions to provide advices!
  • We can reject your future order if you provide information to PayPal.
  • Please don’t write anything in the comment section after the transaction and never message us through PayPal.




Please observe the following site rules before enjoying your purchase:

  • Since all products are digital files, there is no refund possible once we have completed your order. Our policy is not to offer refunds on Digital Products. Should you consider your situation to be a special circumstance then please get in contact with us and we shall consider your individual request.
  • Please use your real information to register your account and log in using your favorite device.
  • Please do not use proxy software to visit the website.
  • We guarantee the lowest price and the best service. any cheaper products on other website, please contact us to report the price.
  • Please cherish your account, such like excessive requirements, malicious refunds, use of proxy software, share files to other sites will be banned.
  • Open Dispute / Chargeback = Banned – Please friendly contact us.