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Have you always wanted to be able to learn and perform powerful feats of Hypnosis with very little effort, using a solid foundation built upon years of experience, from one of the world’s leading practitioners, within the field of performance Hypnosis?

Then look no further.
Ravi Mayar is your man!

In this episode Ravi will teach you his unique approach to Inductions and how he personally creates instant rapport with his spectators and leads them effortlessly into states of Hypnosis – in which, they appear to be completely under his influence.

For the first time, Ravi is allowing specific secrets onto film that only clients of his world renowned course ‘The Mayar Approach’ would have previously had access to.

Buy this download today and begin learning from one of best in the business – the techniques that have enabled countless others to become seasoned professional Hypnotists – within the entertainment industry.