Shawn Farquhar – H.G. Effect


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In this digital download you will learn how to perform one of the most amazing versions of ACAAN that has ever been created. Most ACAAN need a stack, memorization, marked cards and some even use magnets! With Shawn’s version, the H.G. Effect, you can use a borrowed shuffled deck. This is far more than just one amazing magic effect. You will learn several techniques that will open a whole new world of possibilities to your performances.

Shawn once had the opportunity to show legendary magician Dai Vernon this technique at the Magic Castle and here’s what he said…

iPhone and iPad users please note this is not recommended for your devices.  However  downloading a free App may make it possible.   Apple does not support the downloading of a .zip file at this time.  I have chosen to use a .zip folder to allow me the flexibility to edit and add content to the download at any time.  This allows me to give extra value and not have to offer a “2.0 version” at sometime in the future should I create more ideas for the effect.  Before you can download the files you will first need to install an App that “unzips”.  I have had success with Zip Viewer (Oliver Koehler), Document 5 (Readdle Inc) and iZip (ComcSoft) * I do not endorse these App but merely suggest them as I wanted a solution for you to use.

“It’s not shit!” – Dai Vernon