Instant Lotto by Alan Rorrison


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During my sinner series on instagram, Instant Lotto as one of my most popular uploads. Ever since I have uploaded the quick performance video I have had constant emails asking if I will release this effect at any point and with a hope to not let any one down, here it is

Instant lotto is a quick trick that you can leave in your wallet and have ready to go with in seconds. It is also stunningly visual and super easy to do. Just have a peek at the demo to see what all the fuss is about. I have left the video unedited with no fancy cuts so you can see everything as it should be.

Just before we move on. Keep in mind that this DOES WORK with the new plastic/polymeor notes also. It works exatcly the same and looks just as good.

This download is 40 minutes long and we go over every little detail on how to build and maintain this awesome little gimmick. We also go over how to use it in detail and how to let your spectators inspect the bill after the change.

When you purchase this download you will also recieve an email explaining where to pick up any of the build materials that you do not already have although I am sure you will have most of them already. Your log in details will be included in this email so please keep it safe.


“I could spend a lotto time pounding out the puns but I won’t. Look at that visual, pure magic. Add to cart.” – Ben Williams

“The thing I love about Instant Lotto is how visual it is. If you could instantly cash in one of those scratch cards by magic, this is exactly how it would look. Just buy it!” -Dee Christopher

“Instant Lotto is an incredible piece of magic that in real life looks like CGI. Alan has used his experience once again to create one of the most stunning and simple pieces of magic with an everyday object.” – Mathew Parrot

“It looks fantastic and made my eyes pop! Very nice Mr Rorrison.” Peter McLanachan