Positive/Negative by Robert Watkins (Limited RELEASE)(official pdf-version)


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The book is split into two halves: Positive & Negative

The positive side deals with effects that are of an uplifting nature.

The negative side deals with routines that exist on the borderline of morality


Editions of You: you are able to discern the exact moment when a spectator changes their emotional state.
Great routine, easy to do, and lets you concentrate on your script and presentation. Can be used as an opener. Different variations are taught and you pick and choose

Ambivalence:  A prediction effect using playing cards and someones name It is a spectator as a predictor routine. It involves everyone in the group

The Strangest Secret: a routine to empower your spectator to be able to achieve goals and dreams. Peter Turner thinking and is genious. Reminds me of The Gift from Turner.

Dark Entries: a Q&A style routine but instead with questions as challenges to the performer.
Also included another routine based on this one called Dark Entries 2: Weaving a Story
You can setup these tests or challenges, and you will always be spot on.

The Difficult Ploy is a way to make your audience believe that the participant has changed their mind on something creating the illusion of choice where there is none.

The next section covers the Negative :

Entheon: The mentalist induces a Near Death experience in his participant and reveals a name from beyond the grave.

Thanatos: Time of death routine

Moth Man: Questions about the participants future. This will certainly kill. For those that saw the movie The Ring. This is something similar, with a nice scary premise and effect.
Not controversial but on the verge of scaring your participant. Reminds me also of The Bridge, and works from Jerome Finley and others. Great effect

Separation Anxiety: A way to apparently put the participant in a trance, and steal her PIN Code, and then you prove it.

To One in Paradise: Being able to pick up a name from The Other Side