KARUNA by Ross Tayler


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The way we perform mentalism needs to change We have to evolve beyond the current status quo of using mentalism as a vehicle for our own ego’s, and instead use it as a means of adding value to the lives of the people we meet, through transformational experiences they couldn’t acquire via any other means.

In Karuna, Ross illustrates how this philosophy can be applied to create truly magical experiences for our spectators, through the medium of a multi-phased propless mind reading routine.

By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be able to give highly accurate character readings interwoven with revelations of highly specific personal information such as private memories and childhood hobbies, as well as deductive techniques to identify what pets a person has and even how they take their tea, amongst other things. You’ll learn multiple methods for performing spectator as mind reader effects, including techniques for muscle reading, psychological forces and other bold ploys.

The routine climaxes with the most natural and direct name revelation released to date (in fact one of the first Ross created, which has been held underground since before the release of OUIJA). A wide variety of psychological subtleties are revealed, and in Ross’s opinion these are the real secrets that make his approach to propless mentalism so effective in the real world. You’ll learn all this, plus multiple additional bonus techniques which will allow you to perform some of the grails of mentalism proplessly and with 100% reliability!

Like much of Ross’s out-put, these methods will not appeal to those types who’re searching for the “next big thing”, or the “latest and greatest showstopper, standing-o, invisible, upside-down, wham-bam thank you ma’am, super-flash, chrome, electronic, computerised, Artificial Intelligence, thumb tip, i-pod” and such individuals can find plenty of gimmicks and gizmos on the magic market to satisfy this infatuation. However Ross is sure that those of you interested in creating moments of pure magic for real spectators in your performances will benefit from reading this work.

With contributions from Ben Cardall and Aaron Alexander, and a foreword written by Fraser Parker, Ross is certain that you’re going to gain massive value from Karuna.