The Vault – Conscious Magic Episode 1 by Andrew Gerard and Ran Pink


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Ran Pink and Andrew Gerard. If you know anything about modern mentalism, then those two names should make you sit up and take notice. And in The Vault – Conscious Magic Episode 1, you should be watching, and listening, very closely as they teach, break-down, and discuss three of their go-to routines you can use in everyday environments to simulate mind reading and mental powers.

In over an hour of video, you’ll learn:

REAL WORLD – Based on “Out of This World,” and using a NORMAL deck of playing cards, the SPECTATOR creates their own reality by mentally separating them into two piles by color. There are NO moves and NO difficult sleights.

T-REX – Ran Pink’s ripping technique. You’ll be able to use it to create the illusion of REAL mind-reading in the most direct, personal, casual, and powerful way, any time and anywhere, with nothing more than a pen and piece of paper.

OPTIKA – Possibly the perfect opener in any social situation. Intrigue your spectators foment debate with just a simple gimmick that is in most magician’s arsenals.

“Possibly the VERY BEST project I’ve seen in the field of mentalism. No mumbo-jumbo B#@%T – this is the real stuff. Can’t wait for the rest of the series.”Paul Romhany – Editor VANISH MAGAZINE

“Not only are the effects strong, but I especially love the dialogue between these two. The insights and subtleties they give away are priceless.”Haim Goldenberg

“If I had a list of ten mystery artists I’d like to be locked in a room with, Andrew Gerard and Ran Pink would be on that list. They constantly inspire me by stripping effects down to organic seamless simplistic moments of astonishment. To have these two modern-day masters brainstorming together is an opportunity I will not miss and neither should you.”Marc Spelmann

“Not only have I learned some new ideas, but mostly I am inspired to rethink my magic while watching Conscious Magic.”Patrik Kuffs

“Gerard has been the greatest influence on my professional career to date. His presentation of Out of This World is the only one I use – I tried to duct tape his mouth to keep it to myself but alas Ran Pink removed the tape… Enjoy.”Keith Barry

“Ran and Andrew share some serious secrets to performing real world material. This is my kind of magic.”Dynamo

“These are two of the most creative mentalists alive. A combination of their thinking is going to prove deadly. Enjoy.”Colin McLeod

“First off, the material Andrew and Ran perform and teach is damn strong! But if there’s one lesson you can and should learn while watching them is how they take these pieces to make a connection with the people. This is powerful stuff and the true secret of intimate theater.”John Carey