Reality Bending by James Brown & POWA ACADEMY (Pro Package) (only 5 bonus videos included)


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  • If you are struggling to EVEN GET STARTED with hypnosis
  • If you are a magician who has struggled to perform hypnosis
  • If you are a hypnotist who is fed up with the rituals…
  • If you are doing stage hypnosis but you don’t like having to act the jerk or the dark lord
  • If you are a performer and you know you are missing out on the real magic that only the manipulation of beliefs can create…

You are about to discover this revolutionary system that will make hypnosis so easy that you’ll wonder why you took so long to do it!
It will not only explain the mechanics BUT what’s really going on so that YOU can perform with TOTAL confidence.
This system gives you the tools to create powerful hypnotic phenomena for stage and close up as well as the knowledge to enhance all of your performances!

Like most people who learn hypnosis Danny and I struggled to make it work reliably following the classical approaches.

Following a spectacular #epicfail one night when a girl exclaimed “Sorry! It’s not working” after being given the sleep suggestion, Danny and I spent a lot of energy, time and money searching for the ‘magic’ technique yet still constantly faced failure when subjects refused to ‘go under’.

For years we studied and practiced hypnosis but never quite felt comfortable with the way it was explained. All the rituals seemed a little silly and never really explained what was happening. All the talk of putting people to sleep and entering their subconscious mind seemed, well, far fetched.

Even when it worked (which it did!) we had a feeling that people were just “playing along”. The difference in reactions was vast, so merely saying ‘some people can’t be hypnotised’ felt like a weak cop-out. We wanted… needed something much easier to understand.

So, after years of experimenting and studying we realised we were doing it all wrong!

  • Everyone had been mistaking cause for effect the whole time: What we call hypnosis is not the cause, it’s the effect!
  • When it works it’s because their imagination took charge of their mind, creating the phenomena… NOT a state that required entering (trance etc) BUT a basic function of the human mind
  • Hypnosis IS the phenomena not the cause OF phenomena 

This revolutionary system freed us from the rules and constraints of classical hypnosis and allowed us to focus on what was really guiding their imagination…. Belief.

From this we created Reality Bending: an omni-comprehensive online course on hypnosis and the power of suggestion

In this online training (nothing to ship, nothing to download) we will destroy the myths and kill the demons leaving you with a clear understanding of what’s really going on so that you can create dramatic suggestions without the need to dress as a Svengali or… a jerk!

No rules, no conditions. When you remove the rituals you realise that ANYONE CAN BE HYPNOTISED.

You will learn all the ingredients that are you needed elicit an hypnotic response, so that you can create your own inductions from scratch or and throw away the inductions altogether and jump straight into the fun


Here’s what you’ll learn inside the coure

  1. You’ll become an expert at the fundamentals of what “hypnosis” is, if it’s real or not (hint: it’s not, but the suggestion is ) so that you will be able to adapt it to any situation in any way you want
  2. You’ll discover how to bend anyone’s reality, so that you can create REAL miracles and not just “smarty ass” tricks. This WILL truly elevate your performance
  3. You’ll discover the power behind ‘imagination’ and how you can elicit it to bend your participants’ reality to completely avoid confrontation altogether and avoid the “numbers game” removing failure completely
  4. You’ll discover the best go-to approaches we have devised. Even if you are working with a skeptical audience (like James demonstrated on his TedMed talk, where he had a room full of doctors questioning their own reality!) you will understand why your performance works.
  5. You’ll see lengthy live performances with commentary from us, detailing what really was going on so that you will have a perfectly clear understanding… as if you were right there with us!

Bonus Videos are:

1- Snatch!

2- Box Clever

3- Cocktail C.U.B (Card under box routine)

4- (Engaging the Imagination &  James’ Confession)