Simon Caine – I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING (Digital Edition) (PDF + Video)

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I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING contains 13 strong feats of practical, straight-forward effective mind reading and dozens more pieces of technique, subtleties and scripting that can be applied to your existing routines, this book contains something of real value for every mentalism performer.

This book delves into the whole toolbox of mentalism techniques to provide routines that will allow you to reveal answers to personal unknown questions, tell truths from lies, reveal PINs, cards, passwords, names, drawings and more, leaving one your audience with one undeniable message:
“I know what you’re thinking.”

“I’m very impressed with this material, it’s full of hidden gems! Killer thoughts!” – Peter Turner

“Full of great work on almost every area of modern mentalism. This is mandatory reading.” – Mark Elsdon

“I really love every one of these routines. IKWYT is something I haven’t seen in a while; practical, straightforward mentalism that won’t fail to impress” – Luke Turner

“A great selection of material, and the book itself looks GREAT!” – Daniel Chard

Cardinal // A mind readers multiple selection routine. Without fail, you can reveal cards thought of from a shuffled deck in increasingly direct and impossible ways.

Tri Hard // A propless card guess using nothing more than the participants calculator app and a series of genuinely free and random choices. Several approaches to the method are taught, from the super safe to the very bold.

Non Lethal // A participant-as-mind-reader miracle and my solution to the single card prediction plot. The participant names the colour, suit and value of a card, and it matches the only card you removed from the deck and placed in full view.

The Spyglass Effect // A lean, direct ACAAN for mind readers, including a very bold opening that perfectly justifies the routine and opens the door for something impossible.

The Anything Test // You accurately reveal private answers to personal questions randomly selected by two participants. Layers of method make this a complete show-stealer of a routine that has closed my sets for over a year.

The Only Thing // A snappy variation of The Anything Test perfect for table-hopping. Within moments you can reveal something personal and important to any participant you choose.

Morningstar // This applies the Anything Test framework to playing cards and ESP cards, allowing you to slot those reveals into any other routine you perform with cards.

Incognito // One participant thinks of a random word, and another thinks of a random name which they don’t write down anywhere. First you reveal the name, then the password. This uses one of the boldest, yet most invisible peeks I’ve ever discovered.

Pyramind // A participant-as-mind-reader drawing duplication that introduces an improved handling for a classic technique and often leads to the participant reading your mind for real!

ZNNR // My version of a three-phase ESP routine that ends with a can’t-fail moment of participant-as-mind-reader. This routine shows how even the simplest techniques can be made into something memorable.

The Silver Hand // A Which Hand? PIN reveal. In closed fist, the participant is holding a folded billet containing their PIN. In the other fist, they hold a folded blank billet. Not only do you correctly determine which hand contains the PIN, but you can also reveal it in a safe, responsible manner.

Stonefist // The participant writes down a truth and a lie about themselves on separate billets which they mix up. They hand you one and destroy the other. First, you reveal whether the one you’re holding is a truth or a lie, and then you guess what the other statement was with 100% accuracy.

The Algorithm Prediction // How can mind readers – whose skill is about revealing information in the present – credibly perform prediction effects? The Algorithm Prediction is a performance framework and script for making prediction effects make sense for the mind reader.