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I’m excited to announce that Paul Vigil is releasing his new book The Doors of Deception that he has been working on for the past year. It explores pieces of close-up magic and mentalism that he uses to make a living.

As the producer of the Rocky Mountain Session, I get to invite friends to perform and lecture who I consider to be the best of the best. One such person is Paul Vigil. When I was in Las Vegas, I had the chance to witness some of the material that will be in the new book. The routines are not only clever, but highly entertaining. I could tell that Paul put a lot of thought and time in actually performing the material for real audiences.

I’m excited that Paul will be sharing some of his new material from his book The Doors of Deception at the Rocky Mountain Session! He only has a handful of books left so I suggest buying one now and picking his brain in September. I’ve already ordered my copy and I suggest you do the same before it’s too late.

What’s interesting about the material in the book is that he’s put together the routines as one big show. Of course you can perform each routine individually, but describing it in this manner has allowed him to explain how he choreographs the flow of the routines. This type of important information is often not included in texts on magic.

A few of the effects and ideas are from Paul’s friends including Bill Abbott, Jimmy Fingers, Lee Asher, and many more. These are included with permission and are things he has used extensively in the past and has added his own thoughts to. A few of the effects in The Doors of Deception are updated handlings of his previously released works, while many are new to print. This is material you may have seen Paul do in his show and that he has held onto tightly in the past.

There’s card and coin material, gambling routines, con games, and mind reading…

He’s printing only 500 hardcover copies of The Doors of Deception. He’s also also making 100 deluxe editions available. The deluxe edition will include the book, a box (which he’s calling the “The Keys to Deception”— filled with pretty much everything you need to accomplish the effects taught in the book: custom gaff coins, custom cards, as well as other props and surprises), and a very special updated routine meticulously described in a small separate booklet (with custom props, as well). It is not in the regular edition of the book. This is a routine he’s cherished, used extensively, and has grown quite a bit over the ensuing years. The deluxe version is a very limited edition and is already sold out!

P.S. Here is some advance praise about the Doors of Deception:

“I have been a fan of Paul Vigil for many years. Paul’s magic is rich with intelligence and depth. His new book, The Doors of Deception, is a feast of fascinating ideas and really excellent routines. I think you will find it a genuine treasure.”
—Eugene Burger

“When we were putting together “Fool Us,” Paul was the magician we brought in so we could rehearse. He has great tricks, but more importantly, he’s inspiring. He inspires us, and The Doors of Deception will inspire you. No bullshit.”
—Penn & Teller

“The Doors of Deception is a satisfying collection of Vigil’s fresh thinking applied to both classic and contemporary mysteries. What sets Paul apart is his attention to detail in both the work and his descriptions of the work. It’s been a long time since I last encountered a book of magic that was this enjoyable. My highest recommendation.”
—Michael Weber