Jerome Finley – The Velvet Expanse (official pdf)

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Early reviews and praise for “The Velvet Expanse” are starting to pour in…ENJOY!

“Jerome Finley’s latest, The Velvet Expanse, is an astonishing work from one of the finest minds in mentalism and a guided journey, as the author so aptly puts it, into the “psychic wilderness.” This is high-impact, mind-expanding material, and a must read for any mentalist, hypnotist or psychic entertainer who wants to take his or her act to a higher level and/or in a different direction. Every item in Mr. Finley’s new book comes directly from his working repertoire, and while I’ve only had the opportunity to read The Velvet Expanse once so far, I’ve already found over half a dozen pieces that I can’t wait to put into play right away. In addition to all the incredible routines, effects and ideas here, Mr. Finley also shares his truly fascinating perspectives on health, wealth and emotional well being; I, for one, found this section alone to be worth several times the cost of The Velvet Expanse.

I can’t recommend this highly enough — period.


“Well mate you’ve done it again… f#ck!ng awesome stuff! Life altering… LITERALLY!!

The section that talks about the power of placebo and nocebo is something that anyone who wants to help and deeply affect others positively (though of course can also be used to do the opposite) should read and really take on board, once you understand what’s within you have a LOT of power at your hands to greatly alter others (in a good way of course haha).

I’ve seen first hand just how effective this can be thanks to your material.

The UKRAM random # generator is such a simple idea! I don’t use playing cards anymore but that is friggin great.

The section on applied kinesiology/muscle testing is really all you’d ever need to know on the subject to get results and make use of the techniques in whatever way you wish.
Even though you mention and recommend AK throughout your works I’ve never really actually made use of it, not sure why but after reading through it in here I’m gonna go back and work on it so I can add it to my toolkit.

I’ve been eliciting criteria ever since learning about it from your work, anyone who has your stuff and doesn’t make use of such things are seriously missing out and working at a huge disadvantage.

The whole last section of the manuscript “Jerome’s Spectrum of Awareness”is pretty much the S#it haha! as I said within my first line in this email… LIFE ALTERING!!

Fantastic stuff Smile

Man I literally am only missing a few pieces of your work, but your material IS the best out there bar none from both a performance standpoint AND from a lifestyle standpoint.”

-Clyde V. (UK)


Here’s one from Luke Jermay that just came in…

“Jerome has set a rich tradition of continually providing information of progressive complexity and importance. His latest offering does not break with this personal tradition. At times this work is reminiscent of the ancient philosophers who; like Jerome carried a burning desire to share their worldview; many suspected Jerome had the hidden tools to bring about revolution. Here these tools cease to be hidden but are made visible and clear to those who will take the effort and dedication required to receive the signal. Each reader will discover their own message; whatever he or she needs to find will be revealed. Prepare yourself for something new, worldview expanding and dare I say it; revolutionary.” – Luke Jermay

Here’s one from Neal Scryer…

“It’s brilliant, Jerome. A masterpiece!

Picasso! Rembrandt! Finley!” – Neal Scryer