J.K. Hartman – Card Craft (Out of print book)


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Before you purchase, please look at the scan quality of the screenshot, if that is sufficient for you.

In a word …….. Excellent.

Published 1991. About 670 pages, 260 items, 1500 superb illustrations by Joseph K. Schmidt, 24 chapters. Mr. Hartman’s explanations are very clear & easy to follow. Unfortunately, out of print. A few of my favorites are:
Blow Away Change, Throw Force, Every Which Way, and many others.

Can I be honest? They are bloody awful!

I just find the plots reworks or reworks and the bulk of the material typical ‘magic for magicians’ (confusing plots and a raft of sleights to achieve end results with very little commercial impact).

Maybe I’m getting old, bitter and twisted; but I’ve just finished working through Steve Beam’s Semi-Automatic Vol 5. and that was complete tripe from start to finish as well.