Fraser Parker – False Messiah (limited release, official pdf)


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“I absolutely LOVE your new book False Messiah Fraser! One of the top 3 books I’ve read this year. You should be proud of yourself…but not me. I’m kind of p****d off at you now.”Jerome Finley

False Messiah is my first limited edition hard bound book containing some of my greatest work to date. Only 200 copies of this book will ever be printed. Effects include:Prop less Name guess. You guess the name the spectator is thinking of completely prop less – no billets, centre tears or anything written down. They give you a few characteristic traits of the person they are thinking of and you reveal the name. [This and other effects in the book use an update on the Ouija “re-frame” which takes this approach to an entirely new level. There is no longer any need for your spectator to name multiple letters].Spectator name guess. The new “re-frame” allows your spectator to now guess your thoughts. This is a reversal of the previous name guess effect. The way this and other spectator as mind reader effects in this book are structured is what makes this work truly break-through.Star sign reveal. one of the most direct and simplified star sign divinations available – no anagrams.Reverse star sign. Spectator uses their intuition to read you and guess your star sign.Spectator pin guess. They guess your pin number.Card force. Completely verbal method for forcing a playing card mentally. Including a version of TOD without the need for a deck of cards.Frame up frame is a way to frame a stooge situation theatrically.Essays from Peter Turner and Fraser. Edited and formatted professionally by Preston Heller.FALSE MESSIAH is a Hardback book with printed dust jacket cover.These are limited to 200 copies and will be sent in protective packaging.