Will Houstoun – Alakazam Online Academy Live – Day 1 and 2

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In addition to these feature pieces, and a wealth of other hints and tips on various moves and pieces of sleight of hand, Will also discusses his thoughts on conjuring, steered by Alakazam’s very own Andy as well as questions from the Academy chatroom chaired by Sarah and H. In these wide-ranging discussions topics explored include: the nature of magic, naturalness, elegance, what coins to use, practice, rehearsal, how to evaluate a routine, the role of compromise in conjuring and the elusive question as to whether or not magic is an art.
“Will created one of my most used tricks and my go-to effect if someone stops me and asks to see something.” – Dynamo
“Will is a natural communicator with bags of content to match the best.” – John Archer
“An original mix of eye popping sleight of hand.” – Ernest Earick
“[Will] is a really fine magician with some serious chops.” – Genii Magazine  
“Smooth as silk… I loved your three fly and all your little touches. One of the best I’ve witnessed. Your shadow coins move so effortlessly and your attention to detail is unmatched.” – Dean Dill
Will Houstoun has a PhD in the history of magical education, supervised by Dame Marina Warner, and is a winner of both The European Magic Championships and The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year. He holds a Literary Fellowship with The Academy of Magical Arts in Los Angeles and a Research Fellowship with The Victoria and Albert Museum Research Institute. Consultancy credits include Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, the BBC’s Wolf Hall and The Almeida’s The Twilight Zone. Other clients include The Wellcome Trust, The RSC and The ROH