Wayne Dobson – Lucky Card : The Definitive Guide (original DVD-files)


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Join Mike Sullivan and Dave Loosley for a definitive look at Wayne’s signature “hands off” effect Lucky Card. The first in a series of definitive guides, you will learn in depth one of the most powerful card tricks out there.

Just imagine the spectator shuffles a borrowed deck of cards while you introduce your “Lucky Card”. The spectator then checks the cards and sees they are throughly mixed. You then ask the spectator to count down to their “Lucky Card”.

On the turn of the last card, you tell the spectator that this is their “Lucky Card”… You ask them to turn over your “Lucky Card” and they match!

On this DVD you will learn :

The original version of “Lucky Card” in a totally unique way. Filmed with no prior knowledge on how the trick works, Dave Loosley asks all the questions that most of you would ask and for the first time, giving a real one to one feel to this instructional DVD.

The Envelope Version of Lucky Card. Born from an idea from Peter Nardi, this routine will give the performer a new angle to performing “Lucky Card”

Wayneman and Lucky Card. This routine has been kept close to Wayne’s heart until now. A complete “hands off” card routine which crescendos to the ultimate finale that is “Lucky Card”. An ideal routine for the novice.

You will also learn nuisances picked up by Mike while he was learning ”Lucky Card” including a parlour version.

Many thank’s to Dave Loosley and Peter Nardi of Alakazam and Gary Jones