The Whisper Tapes Vol.7 Pack of Wolves by Lewis Le Val


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Pack Of Wolves

This routine was designed to look like a genuine display of a mental ability.


Your spectator shuffles the deck, grabs a small pack of cards from the deck and shuffles them further.


After selecting a card from the pack, it is returned and shuffled, again, by your spectator.


Now without touching anything, you are able to not only locate their selected card, but also reveal what that card is!



This looks like real clairvoyance!


Pack Of Wolves has two methods. The CLEAN version can be done with a borrowed deck and no setup. The CLEANER version also has no setup, but depends on what cards you use. Any cards can be used, but may require a one time preparation which only takes minutes to do and will not limit or affect the deck in any way.



This routine is extremely simple to perform, and never fails to invoke a sense of wonder in your audience. Your spectator also handles the cards more than you do, giving the handling a fair and clean appearance.


Pack Of Wolves is one of Le Val’s favourite “go to” card routines due to its simplicity and minimal requirements. Le Val also talks about the presentation he uses for this routine, along with an engaging story that discusses the origin of finding a selected card using dowsing skills.