Sudo Nimh – Sudosuke (official pdf)


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So what EXACTLY is “Sudosuke?”

“Sudosuke” is an older piece from my professional repertoire that I have used extensively since about 1999. The name of course, reflects its lineage – Max Maven’s “Kurotsuke.”

In the standard routine, 5 stones (or balls) are used: 4 of the same colour, and 1 that is different. The challenge is to locate the one that is different. In other words, you are trying to locate a “known” object.

This routine differs in a few areas. The first is that 5 differently coloured stones are used. The other, is that in this routine the challenge is to locate a coloured stone that a participant is merely only THINKING of! In other words, you are trying to locate an “unknown” or “thought-of” object – an added impossibility!

In addition, this routine also eliminates a small weakness in Max’s routine – that weakness being when the first person asked to open their hand possesses the target stone or object. When this happens, the performance comes to a rather abrupt end. I have fixed this issue.

And finally, for the “propless” crowd, there is a bonus section in the back where I feature some new work on an old principle (not used in Sudosuke) that is perfect for impromptu performances as well as several ideas for ways you can play around with it. 20 pages in total.