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…. Imagine meeting a complete stranger and being able to tell them their EXACT birthday in seconds flat.

Then imagine being able to learn how to do this in just 15 minutes!

No questions. No pumping. No verbal judo. No anagrams. No kidding!

Eclipse is Sudo’s take on Peter Turner and David Sena’s Isabella Star.  This version has been acclaimed by top Mentalists and Magicians the world over as being one of the fastest, easiest, and most direct methods for the birth date reveal available and can be performed completely propless.

**Now includes the Sudo’s new “Eclipsed” addition which also allows you to perform Eclipse with an impossible double revelation!

QUOTES (About Eclipse)

“Every once in a while someone comes up with a little gold nugget of an idea that is brilliant in its simplicity…Nicely done Sudo.”

– Lar

“It is excellent! I have (or had?) my own version which is quite similar, but I like Sudo’s approach even better.  Good work!”

– Jan Forster

“I’ve been performing this over the past two weeks (bar magic and strolling gigs, about 20 times) and it’s been getting great reactions. Looking forward to Sudo’s other offerings.”

– Mike O’Donnell

“I’ve got to say this is BRILLIANT!!! I performed it a couple of times with no problems and got great reactions! This is a beauty.”

– Adrien Lochon

QUOTES (About Eclipsed Addition)

“Eclipse is a go to effect for me. I was looking for an instant zodiac hit that did not reek of process and strung out questions. And can be done effortlessly and quickly when you get comfortable with it. You have no doubt seen some magic tricks that fool even you when you do them and look in the mirror. That is what Eclipse is for me in mentalism. If you did not get the freebie early on, you can buy it.

The new addition Eclipsed is a full routine, several phases that are seamless and have so many mind boggling reveals, you almost feel guilty or giddy (take your pick) for doing it.

You can either do the whole routine, which is satisfying for an audience of one or many or pick it apart and do some elements that fit your situation or style.”

– Dr. Art

“The original Eclipse is already very good,the eclipsed is the best zodiac divination to date. And it’s the one of the very few zodiac divinations that is not english-dependent!  I am very happy with the new Eclipsed. Thank you~Sudo.”

– Sychou

“More great thinking from Sudo. Already live using Eclipse, looking forward to this new approach. Thanks Sudo!”

– Mr. Mindbender

“It is an option that is well worth knowing. It is indeed quite devious and gives perfect justification for that something “other” that I am sure most Magicians/Mentalists will have in their arsenal already.

The PDF is well written which is something that Sudo is known for. Very comprehensive and excellent scripting that although you should not use verbatim, you can adapt to your own style. He also recommends a routine from Ian Rowland that would work very nicely with this addition to Eclipse.

Overall it is another winner from Sudo!”

– Robert

“I have read this and it gives a very nice option for a piece of kit I already own. I have yet to try it out and compare reactions, but I do think it provides a nice supplement for one to consider to Sudo’s “Eclipse,” which is an excellent evolution of Peter Turner and David Sena’s ‘Isabella’s Star.’

I agree that Sudo has a knack for well-written manuscripts, and I have enjoyed his ideas greatly.”

– Red Devil

“This update was PERFECT for me. Love it Sudo!

What’s great about the premise is it also naturally turns a deck of playing cards into potential mental doorways instead of something you do magic tricks or play games with.”

– Jeff Wassom