Steve Cook – Swindle (all you need are 2 ungimmicked boxes)


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Swindle by Steve Cook is a super cool influence effect ideal for opening your performance.

As usual Steve has created an easy to follow, simple to execute Mentalism effect that packs small and plays BIG!

We all know the power of a simple 50/50 choice but Swindle feels like so much more.

Add Peter Nardi’s routining to Steve’s fantastic method and you know you are on to a winner!

Swindle is super easy to do and ultra-deceptive. Comes complete with props and full video instructions.

As a little demonstration of using influence and human psychology you introduce two small tins (one white and one black)

Basic Script

“In life we all make decisions, each decision becoming a small journey in the human mind (there are usually two steps to every decision) and even though we decide on a certain outcome the route to get there is usually not a straight line. 

In fact I am going to ask you to choose either of the two boxes.  You may choose the black which is a slick Matt black and to be honest the one that everyone seems to choose (in fact if I was given this choice that is the one I would go for) or the nice shiny white box, which attracts the eye and to be honest is closer to you so probably easier for you to grab. Anyway the choice is yours BUT I will tell you this I know exactly what steps you will take and I have predicted which box you will end up with”

Your spectator follows your instructions and selects a box.  The box is open to show it contains a small slip of folded paper (the note reads I knew you would have this box). You state that the other box also contains a note but when you open it the note inside is actually a £50 note!

May be performed in any language

Use any currency

Nothing hidden inside the boxes (they are truly empty at the end)

Super easy to perform

The perfect Mentalism opener.

Powerful, interesting and fun!