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I was one of the very few that received a pre-sold copy of the Spy Box. I had no idea what to expect. It just sounded to good to be true.So I contacted Justin and he sent me a copy. I have never seen such innovation and creativity in one single card box. I always hated wallets and center tears they never felt right to get information. But The Spy Box makes PERFECT SENSE! Oh my F#&*ing god, the effects that Justin provides are GOLD! Each one is incredibly thought out and truly deceptive in it’s construction. You will never have to buy an expensive wallet or device again. You make up your own box in about 4 minutes and away you go. I took it fora test run tonight (thought proposal), Justin I have never had the kind of reactions I got tonight! I booked 2 gigs just from this DEVASTATING (as you say) Side-Kick. Side-Kick in the head more like it. I have no idea how you keep coming up with this material..but please never stop. You just got a fan for life. Oh, yea, the delayed peek is BRILLIANT, I think I will use that the most. To those who have not yet purchased this (a steal at $12) DO NOT MISS OUT! If I am in your town and I have this on me (which I love because I always have a deck on me) and you do not have this in your arsenal??? WATCH OUT!”  -Mike Ruther-

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I have been working with peek wallets and peek devices for the past 20 years. I have tried them all. But it never makes sense to bring out a wallet just to put something in it. I mean it just makes zero sense. I have created many of these methods myself and even though I LOVE Peek in Time and Predi-Pad (wallet wise Michael Weber’s Seer wallet is my daily wallet) I still have found a disconnect with having someone write something down then just taking out your wallet and placing that info inside. So I was thinking what else do I use? Cards! Slits and secret cut-out windows have been the norm of every peek card box..until today.

The pros/cons with the slit: If you place a card in a box with a slit, then the card will have more of a chance to become seen while the peek is being attained. There is too much fidgeting when you try and place a card in a slit on a card is NOT 100 percent fool proof. You also cannot let them place the card in the is IMPOSSIBLE without it looking really weird. But if you do get it in you get a FULL view of the information!

The pros/cons with a cut-out: Obviously one cannot show the entire box when a window cut-out is being employed. You have to hide that part. BUT you get a FULL view of the info!

But what if we could take the BEST of both worlds and now have a locking system using the natural make-up of a card box. Where you can show the box BEFORE and after, while STILL getting the FULL view of the info?

I introduce you to the SPY BOX!


I wanted to make sure I had a few important aspects down when creating The SPY BOX:

  • No special pens or carbon!
  • No more squinting to get the info!
  • Retrieve info or objects secretly while the box is closed!
  • A precision locking mechanism, made from cardboard!
  • The cards can be housed in the SPY BOX without the gimmick being seen!
  • They place the objects (card, bill, business cards, change etc..) in the box and they remove them from the box as well!

The SPY BOX will allow you to retrieve and gain information or objects while being fully in control with a locking mechanism, so you can show ALL sides of the box BEFORE the object is placed inside and locked in the box. The method is clear and to the point and I provide you with multiple effects using:

Playing Cards:

Thoughts Unheard- A number between 10-40 is secretly written down on a business card by your spectator and placed inside the box. A card is selected and placed back in the deck. At the count of 3 you have them name the card. In a flashy one-hand cut, a card is heard and seen rocketing out of the deck facedown. The cards above and below are placed off to the side in 2 piles. They pick one of those piles for themselves. HIT 1: the pile they chose is the EXACT number of cards they secretly wrote down, minus 1 card. The card is turned over and HIT 2: It is the selected card.The selected card makes up that last digit.

(zero sleights) Missing PasteBoard- Under a test of memorization you explain that you have a photographic memory and you can prove it. The cards are shuffled by them, freely. You then scan the deck..quickly.They remove a playing card face-down, freely, so you nor them knows what that card is. They place it in the box face-fown and close the lid. The cards are quickly scanned face-up and then closed. You write down a prediction, fold it and hand it to them. The card is removed by them and turned face-up. Your prediction is opened up and shown to match 100 percent.

(zero sleights) Thought Proposal- You explain that you can make them a magician. They shuffle the deck freely. You spread the cards and have them pick a card and to hide it in their pocket or behind their back. You then hand them the deck and they do the same for you. You both memorize your cards and the cards are again shuffled freely. You take out a card with the faces towards yourself, choosing what (hopefully) will be their card. You place the card in the empty box. They do the exact same thing. They pick out a card they think you selected. They place that card in the box with yours. You recap and both cards are taken out by them. They name their card…of course you found it. You name your card and when they turn over the card it is shown to be exactly that! (this is a tie for my favorite effect on this download)

Change of Truth- A sexy little effect that is sure to wow em. A coin is borrowed and a name or initials are secretly written on on the coin by them (your head is turned). They place it into the box and closes the lid. You then take out a small jewelry bag closed tight and explain you have something very very special inside. You have them hold it. Every-time you shake the box you ask them questions but tell them NOT to say anything out loud.They hear the coin in box. You then correctly identify the name or initials. Then as you are trying to divine the date. The coin is not heard anymore. It has fully vanished! You ask them if they remembered the date (they will say no). You then explain that maybe what is inside the bag could help you out. When they open up the bag they have been holding the entire time, the SIGNED coin is found alone in the bag.

Ring- Their ring is placed in the card box. You take off your ring and in an instant you now are holding their ring. Your ring is found either in the card box, back on your finger, or any other impossible location

(zero sleights) Mental Tender- 2 bills that can be borrowed (let’s say a 20 and a 1) are placed, while your head is turned, in the box. The lid is closed. You ask them to take just one of the bills out of the box (again while your head is turned) and place it in their pocket. You then reveal which one they took out and which one they left in. This is repeated 2 more times. With a surprise kicker!(tied for favorite on this download)

I also will teach you 2 major peeks:

  • Real time peek
  • Delayed peek

The best part? The SPY BOX is easily constructed using just 1 single box, in less than 5 minutes. Once finished, it will last you the life of your box. Never use a unmotivated peek again. Now you have the PERFECT SIDEKICK..The SPY BOX!