SansMinds Creative Lab – Vanishing Sharpie (Gimmick not included)

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Gimmick cannot be made at home.

Years ago we released the Vanishing Pen, an iconic effect that remains one of our top-sellers to date. Many asked for a Sharpie variation, and we at SansMinds listened! Due to popular demand and hundreds of requests, the SansMinds Creative Lab is excited to bring you a revolutionary prop that every professional magician needs!

Introducing the Vanishing Sharpie!

An extremely practical, quick-to-reset effect where you make a Sharpie vanish with the clap of your hands! Made from top quality materials, this Sharpie is guaranteed to take a beating. Just keep it in your pocket, and it will be ready to shine whenever you are. It is highly interactive, and never ceases to amaze!

This ultimate worker’s tool is the last vanishing prop you will ever need, so grab yourself the Vanishing Sharpie now!