Ricky Smith – Nothing As It Seems (official PDF)


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Nothing aas It Seems is a collection of original magic by Ricky Smith that is at turns hilarious, insightful, and playful. The notes are a tribute to one of Ricky’s favorite Pearl Jam songs, and indeed, these notes are a sort of reflection of his tastes and interests. You’ll enjoy a new way to get into the Diagonal Palm Shift (from scooping up scattered cards), and a beautiful trick called “Keplinger Prediction” that uses it. You’ll also discover a deep-dive into palming and second-dealing. But there is lighter magic here, too. You’ll learn a clever opener for a walk-around magician, in which you approach a table with a lit candle in a cupcake. When you discover that it’s nobody’s birthday, you extinguish the candle and vanish the cupcake. His “Card at Any Vowel” is funny, but also effective. A selected card appears at “any vowel called for.” There’s even a method to place your jacket in your lap and turn it into a servante device for lapping! In all there are sixteen items covered in this fascinating collection.

Contents of Nothing As It Seems

  • Introduction
  • Birthday Cake Vanish
  • Egg Bag Routine
  • Card at any Vowel
  • Dealing DPS
  • Learning Palming
  • Learning Second Dealing
  • In Defense of Overhand Shuffling
  • Kepplinger Prediction
  • Multiple Card DPS Handling
  • The Art of Using the Coat as a Servante
  • Two Phase Ambitious Card Routine
  • Pulp Friction for Right Handed Folk
  • The Bear Trick
  • Shuffle DPS
  • It’s the Eye