John Bannon – Barrage (sample pages in description)


These eight miracles are the best of the best. An instant sell-out at Magic Live, now in print and available publicly for the first time.

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“When a creator with the extraordinary output of John Bannon decides to cull his “best of” into a booklet then you know it’s gonna be good. A select onslaught of overwhelming and powerful card magic.” – Raj Madhok

BARRAGE by John Bannon

Welcome to John Bannon’s latest book: BARRAGE! John Bannon is a genuine legend. He is one of the greatest, most prolific creators of card magic. Barrage is a compilation of some of John’s favorite material. This exquisite collector’s edition, crafted by John Bannon, made its exclusive debut at Magic Live 2023… and completely sold out within the first hour! Here’s your chance to find out why.

John Bannon’s magic seamlessly blends sophistication with practicality and ease.

Inside this volume, you’ll uncover 8 meticulously crafted routines of the highest caliber. Any one of these effects could have sold as an individual release. This is card magic you will use.

Here is a brief description of what you will learn from Barrage:

  • FOURS MAJEURE – A very easy, self-working trick with five magical moments of increasing impossibility. Not just self-working, a tremendous amount of magical transpositions happen for doing almost nothing. Get ready for the mind-blowing ending. The secret is all in the signature Bannon engineering.
  • THREE IMPOSSIBLE THINGS –Challenge your spectator with three impossible feats. First, produce the four Kings. Second, have the spectator shuffle and cut the deck, only to once again land on the Kings. And just when they think they’ve seen it all, hit ’em with the grand finale: miraculously reveal the four Aces. It’s pure devastation!
  • HEART OF GLASS –Prepare to be blown away by a mind-bending transposition that involves nothing but a regular deck and a glass! No duplicates. Undoubtedly, this routine will become a staple in your repertoire!
  • NO NO NO MAYBE YES -Picture this: a spectator merely thinks of a card. Without touching the deck, you eliminate cards one by one to reveal the thought-of card! It’s a spellbinding and downright impressive finale that will have everyone talking.A self-working effect that can be done over the internet, over the phone, or in your next live performance with a borrowed, shuffled deck and the spectator doing all of the handling.
  • PAINT IT BLANK: Illustrate the power of imagination by revealing the chosen card between two jokers! An invisible deck feel with a normal deck of cards. This trick alone is worth the entire price of the book!
  • MUNDO – A small-packet Out of This World routine that will become your new favorite handling of this classic plot.
  • BANK JOB – A featured fooling effect a la Bannon with some bills and cards. Imagine mashing together a color separation, a Bank Night effect, and prediction that will fool the most astute spectators. Worth the price of the book.
  • TRIPLICITY 2022- Bannon at his finest. Three perfect demonstrations of your psychic superpowers. Even as you perform this effect you will be fooled by the method. Your audience doesn’t stand a chance. Well known giants of magic have called this their favorite Bannon creation. Find out why…


The routines are eloquently detailed in Bannon’s accessible writing style, unveiling the techniques employed alongside his clever, forward-thinking methodology.

No intricate sleights are necessary. Almost all routines employ standard playing cards, with many being impromptu. True to Bannon’s signature style, each construction is layered and meticulously honed until the effect becomes seamless.

Whether you are a skilled card worker or new to card magic you will find effects that can be seamlessly integrated into your repertoire. Bannon’s meticulous structuring of each routine means that your only dilemma will be deciding which ones to incorporate into your performances.

Move fast if you want one of these collector’s items! Bannon’s books ALWAYS sell out, so this is your chance to be the proud owner of a killer collection of card work from the world’s #1 practitioner!


“After a tour of unprecedented conferences across France, John Bannon returns and shares his new book: Barrage! Recognized for his ability to simplify magical effects and procedures, Bannon has developed an approach that goes straight to the essentials without sacrificing the methodology or aesthetics of the trick. His magic is distinguished by its sophistication and ease of use.” – Le Petit Magicien

“Barrage is that unexpected and delightful thing: a booklet of brilliant card tricks that you didn’t know you needed and now can’t do without. All the tricks are worthy not just of your attention, but also your study and performance. My favorite is Heart of Glass, which has become my go-to two-card transposition. But full disclosure: I love them all.” – Mark Elsdon

“No one thinks like John Bannon. Experiencing his card magic is like stepping out of a fast-food restaurant and finding yourself at the Four Seasons.” – David Regal

“John Bannon’s Barrage is a small, beautifully produced book brimming with strong, usable, fooling card magic. Includes a wonderful impromptu two card transposition with no duplicates, a very strong sandwich routine (even if you hate sandwich routines you will love this), a strong small packet OOTW, and ends with two head bangers. These last two effects are worth more than the price of the book. Bannon sold out of these at every convention or lecture he’s been doing and there’s a reason why… to see the material is to want it. Recommended!” – Tim Trono