Jeki Yoo – Virtual Lecture at 19 Nov 21 –

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Jeki Yoo will share with you his original Close up, Parlor, and Stage magic. With each
piece, you will also learn performance tips, how to build, etc.
And Jeki Yoo will also talk about how 3D printing helps him to develop his magic acts.

  • 4th dimension (My version of the Mylay Mystery by Jerry Adnrus)
  • Ninja Ring (Jeki’s take on Ninja Ring routine with an amazing climax)
  • Impromptu Haunted deck
  • Pips Matrix (Using four pips and Cards to make an interesting routine)
  • Coin thru Bag (My variation on Michael Ammar’s Coin thru silk)
  • Rubber Band Stop (It was inspired by Alan Wong’s Stargazer Trick, A magicianmakes the shape using the rubber band, at the end, the rubber band become stiff)
  • Metamorphosis – Card trick with a clear bag.
  • Cone and ball