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The mobile phone has become such an integrated part of our society, that many of us cannot go a day without it. Our entire lives are in our phone, and what makes us feel safe is its security features. Passwords and PIN’s prevent strangers from accessing your phone, but what if you had a way to bypass that? With this unique method at your disposal, you can virtually access someones LIFE.

For the first time learn how to access a borrowed phone by replicating the spectators own unique fingerprint. Any where, Any time.

Pravar is finally sharing with the world his most guarded secret.

It doesnt get better than this.

What you get:

* Pravar’s ingenious method to bypass iPhone security.

* 10 min long curated instructional video.


* 100% Impromptu

* No traces left

* Phone is 100% examinable

* Instant reset in under 3 seconds.