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Perna’s card material is something that has not been seen before not until now. There are some of the most secret ideas that some have seen in print but some haven’t.

In this manuscript, you will learn:

Holden Deal Force: This is the cheekiest force that will put a smile on your face. The participant can shuffle a deck of cards, deal down the cards, and stop whenever they want and you are able to force exactly what card you want.

This is not a psychological force, the participant has a free choice to stop wherever they want.

Milgram: A participant thinks of a card as they deal the cards face up. The performer is now able to know exactly what card they are thinking of! This is a jazzing technique that Perna has used immensely in his mentalism card set.

Localus: This is Perna’s impossible card location where the participant chooses a card and loses it into the deck without the performer touching the deck. The participant then eliminates cards until one is left… The participant’s card!

There is no marked deck, no short cards, and no trick decks. There is even a way of how you can do this same effect with tarot cards!

Alongside this manuscript, you will also receive my original thought of card, Contra, as a thank-you for your support of Perna!

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