Percy Abbott – Abbott’s Magic for Magicians: Secrets of Occidental and Oriental Mysteries

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There really isn’t any excuse for “Magic for Magicians.” It has been written in all sincerity, with the hope that the material herein will be of some value to my brother magicians. The title was to have been “Tried and Tested Magic,” as I have performed every trick described, but I am of the opinion that the present title is more appropriate. I have strived to explain everything thoroughly, without going into details of standard sleights, explained fully in many works of magic. To the minds of some, it might seem that too much space has been taken up in doing this, but I know that the majority will appreciate this, for after all is said and done, “It’s the dressing” and what you put into a trick that counts. I have traveled extensively and have had big shows a,nd one-man shows and magic has been a wonderful friend to me. To write this book has beei* a task, but an enjoyable one, as I feel that my humble efforts will be appreciated by all lovers of the Art. I thank you,
Yours devoted to magic,
Percy Abbott