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‘Juxtapose’ is one of my most popular releases and has been described as the mentalism version of Doc Eason’s ‘Anniversary Waltz’.

Now, I share with you my thinking on taking this close-up routine to the stage.

I share with you my ideas and techniques that have dropped the jaws of audiences around the world as part of my solid corporate act.

There are four main presentations in this eBook:


Digits of the Deep

This takes ‘Juxtapose’ to the next level, allowing the audience to create the participant’s number selection openly and freely.

Easy Street

A completely hands-off approach where the performer doesn’t have to write a single thing down. You didn’t misread that, not a single thing is written down by the performer.

Hive Mind

A five person stage variant developed for the corporate audience that demonstrates corporate unity and even helps you to sell your show.

The Affected

The audience make the choices, an important guest writes down a prediction, two people from the audience make their own numbers on stage and everything matches. Better still, a visible prediction made at the start of the routine is opened to show it matches everyone’s free choice.

As always there will be a wide selection of performance psychology in these pages and there is even an additional thoughts section for you to enjoy.

If you want hard-hitting, guaranteed stage material that packs flat then this is for you.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not own ‘Juxtapose’ this eBook will not make any sense and is written in a code to ensure that those who own ‘Juxtapose’ are not losing out on their initial investment by revealing the modus operadi in this eBook.