Pablo Amira – MultiVelvet (pdf + pictures of the bag; Gimmick not included but easy to make)


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MultiVelvet is a simple concept. A set of marked, multiple out AND/OR billet index normal looking velvet bag. Each bag can be adapted depending your own needs with simple interchangeable add-ons.

So from one MultiVelvet you can have a Close Up Change Bag/2 Way out but also three, four and five outs!

Elegant 14×10 cms (5,5x 4 in) bags that can give you fantastic new opportunities.

Each MultiVelvet Bag can be used as :
1. Multiple out bag (5 different outs)
2. Special hidden-in-plain sight billet index bag (up to 12 billets!)

3. As set you can use them to do any routine in which marked containers are used (Annemann-Pseudo Psychometry for example)

In the basic set you receive: Three 5-way out MultiVelvet bags (each one secretly marked)
In the expanded set you receive: Five MultiVelvet Bags (each one secretly marked). Two prepared to be used as multiple out bag (5 different outs), and one prepared with the 12-billet index add-on.
The innocence of a velvet bag and the versatility of several secret methods, only offered by MultiVelvet!

Predict ESP Symbols, Colors, Zodiac Signs, Playing Cards, and MORE!
Easily and directly.
Each purchase will also receive a complimentary eBook full with ideas about your new MultiVelvet Bags, psychological handling techniques and routines.