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Very useful ideas and is definitely worth
read . If you like ideas with ESP
cards this work is for YOU

Bill Montana

E5P is the biggest collection of Minimalist Mentalism with 5 ESP Cards.

In this eBook you will find material from my original “5 Miracles with 5 ESP cards”, as well as my ESP openers and my further explorations and latest creations with this mysterious and interesting symbols.

If you want solid real world material that is simple to do and effective to establish your persona, you need to explore this possibilities

Table of Content:

Chapter I: 5 Miracles with 5 ESP Cards

My first approaches to Mentalism just with 5 ESP cards

Classic Experiment in ESP:  Your participant is the sender, you the receiver. Simple yet powerful.

ESP Dowsing: Your participant feels strange thing with a pendulum and 5 ESP Cards, finding a specific one as if a dowser in the desert.

Participant as Mindreader: What happen if the sender is the performer and the receiver is the participant? Well …

Participant as Mindreader Performer: For a strange moment, your participant reads the thought of another person?

TOT: Your participant strangely enough completely forgot which symbol he looked at.

Chapter II: ESP Openers

The search for ways to open an act with a credible and simple manner

ESPeriment #1

ESPeriment #2

ESPeriment #3

Essay: YOU are the opener

ESP No Chair Test: A fun “chair test” style routine for parlor/stage routine just with your 5 ESP cards

More ideas about ESP Openers

Chapter III: 5 MORE Miracles with 5 ESP Card

My third booklet about ESP Cards. More mature and structured routines for the working performer.

  1. BelievESP :A thought of ESP symbol is revealed to show how believing is seeing.
  2. ESP Dowsing 2.0:Intuitive decisions with a pendulum and the ESP symbols, ending with a complete intuitive matching.
  3. ESPrognostication: Hand out your business card predicting always your participant freely chosen decisions.
  4. Dimensional Zenner:  Direct mindreading with your ESP cards and some billets.
  5. Your New Twin:A fun and dynamic presentation regarding Doppelganger. Mindreading and coincidences all in one moment of mental occurrences.

Chapter IV: Extra Material

Extra routines that you can do with those 5 strange and interesting symbols

Open Prediction 5 ESP: Predict the random order of the 5 ESP symbols in an open manner.

ESPendulm Prediction: A new and strange covert “open prediction” routine with 5 ESP cards

Dermovisionist: Let your participant see with his fingertips!


This a series of effects re-thought and re-designed to create wonderful experiences of mentalism for an audience — on stage, close up and parlor.
David Thiel

These are excellent routines that are exceptionally easy to do and perform.

I think these make great choices for opening effects for a mentalism show

Millard Longman

I had the chance to read this new work of my friend Pablo, are beautiful constructed routines using ESP cards (and more) a pleasure to read and all the routines are included of presentations idea.

A great work not to be missed, good job my friend as always!

Luca Volpe


Very useful ideas and is definitely worth
read . If you like ideas with ESP
cards this work is for YOU

Bill Montana

Pablo has some great subtleties in this eBook.

Nice work!

Paul Carnazzo