Oliver Meech – The Plot Thickens


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“10 out of 10…buy this now. You won’t regret it.”
– Online Visions

“Buy this book! Highly Recommended.”
– Genii Online

“A breath of fresh air.”
– MAGIC magazine

“Unusual plots, simple methods, great ideas – why aren’t you ordering this book right now?”
– Magicseen

“For…less than the price of a one trick DVD, this really is an excellent purchase.”
– Magicweek

Magicians experience a torrent of new methods but just a trickle of new plots. It’s time for a change. And the change starts here!

22 fresh plots with everything from bottles to bubbles and photos to false teeth, including:

  • Invisible Man: Convince a spectator that they’ve vanished.
  • Flaming Voodoo: A spectator stares at a piece of paper he is holding and it bursts into flames.
  • Touching Transposition: Forget sight, fool their sense of touch.
  • X-ray Coin: A spectator swallows an initialed coin and it appears on an X-ray of their stomach.
  • Secret Service Load: Divine the serial number of a bill in the spectator’s wallet without ever going near it.
  • Plus 17 more impossibilities.

Some you’ll perform every night. Others you’ll save for special occasions. All you’ll enjoy learning as much as performing. The book alone is worth the price of the book!