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One of our all-time favorite booklets finally gets the sequel it deserves.

Following the success of Plots & Methods, Michal Kociolek returns with More Plots & Methods.

Michal Kociolek is the exact type of creative thinker card magic needs. He loves exploring out-of-the-box ideas that showcase what card magic has to offer beyond the “copy-and-paste” commercial card tricks performed by many other magicians. Not that there’s anything wrong with those effects, but Michal believes it’s also good to sometimes embrace the quirkier elements of card magic.

Inside More Plots & Methods you’ll find four unique card magic tricks that can be performed with nothing more than an ordinary deck of cards. Two of them are even completely impromptu. You’ll also find a special BONUS EFFECT using Tarot cards that has been designed for magicians that may not even typically use Tarot in their act.

This wonderful selection of card effects blends clever principles and justified procedures inspired by some of the greatest magicians in the world with appealing presentations that are tons of fun for lay people. You’re also sure to find something that will fool many of your magician friends as well.


  • “Synch” – a new take on the “Do as I Do” plot where both the magician and spectator find each other’s cards under impossible conditions.
  • “Mr. Liar” – an impromptu way to divine a thought-of card that can even be done with a borrowed deck of cards.
  • “3H” – an impromptu three-phase effect where you correctly locate two thought-of playing cards before divining and naming the third.
  • “The Dreamer” – a clever effect using a very sneaky principle that allows you to divine all of the cards in a packet of five cards taken from a freely-cut deck.
  • “BONUS: “Esoteric” – a hands-off effect where you’re able to correctly divine four randomly chosen cards from a tarot deck without looking.


Softbound | A5 Format | 50 pages Also available as an ebook