Michael O’Brien – Tour de Force

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Highly reviewed by several of the industries leading magicians and magic publishing organizations, “Tour de Force” is one of the cleanest and most natural looking in-the-hands Triumph effects on the market. Every move is motivated and easy to perform.

In this video, you will learn:
-“Tour de Force” Classic Handling (beta version)
-Impromptu Handling
-Multiple Card Variation


“This is one of the most practical Triumph routines I’ve seen and well worth learning and adding to your repertoire. This is very highly recommended.” -Paul Romhany, Vanish Magazine

“If you have an appreciation for classic effects, or Triumph in particular, I think you might enjoy this DVD” -Doc Johnson, MyLovelyAssistant

“Michael O’Brien’s collection of Triumph effects brings modern methods to the classic effect. ” -John Wilson, Magic Magazine

“It’s a great in the hands version of the triumph effect.” -Ekaterina

“It’s a very powerful plot in magic. This is a beautiful, simple handling of that effect.” -Exposé, Theory 11

Camera work and editing by: Jesse Joseph
Performed by: Michael O’Brien