Luke Turner – The Sound of Silence (Instant Download)


A great Impromptu mentalism arsenal!

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I am excited to share with you my latest addition to the field of mentalism.

The Sound of Silence is a complete and comprehensive guide to something I call The Silent Force.
The “silent force” is a new and innovative way to proplessly force the spectator to think of something of your choice.

Please don’t assume that this is just a bunch of magical words that will do the work for you, as it most certainly is not.

If you are not willing to practice it then this book is not for you.

However, if you are willing to practice, then you will absolutely love this project!

This is not just an effect and method. This is a complete and comprehensive guide to a new principle.

Included are methods for several classic effects such as drawing duplication, acaans, and star sign divinations.

Included are some new and innovative ideas, blended together to maximize efficiency and presentation. Plus, there is a bonus effect from Warren Thackeray.

This book is 64 pages long and proofread by Steve Wood.

If you are not ready for something new, no problem- but if you are curious enough…. see you on the other side.