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If you already own Karma Deck or buy along with this ebook, you can get this for $18. This is a special price on the occasion of the first birthday of Karma Deck. The owners of Karma Deck Pro can also get Kommando Kard for half price, and Karma Deck Psyclical for only $3.

Karma Deck is a landmark in stack magic. Period. Released exactly a year ago, Karma Deck went on to become the number one bestseller stack on Lybrary. With an introduction by none other than Richard Osterlind, it received rave reviews from some of the all time greats of magic and mentalism. Today it is used by top pros all over the world.

Karma Deck Pro is an ELEVEN EBOOKS BUNDLE. Here the Karma Deck principle is expanded into a professional power horse. There is a wide choice of ‘randomness’.

7 Karma Deck stacks are explained in detail (some of these were briefly mentioned in the subsequent editions of the Karma Deck). Each of these stacks can be learnt in under 5 minutes. And there is nothing to memorize, true to the revolutionary Karma Deck Principle.

3 unique Suit Order Systems based on an innovative and novel Trisuits Principle are explained. Each of these systems can be learnt in under a minute and gives out a random sequence of suits.

9 stunning routines with the Karma Deck are included. All of them are easy to do with high impact levels. The only requirement is the knowledge of the Karma Deck. Of course most of these routines can also be performed with other stacks.

A simple 3 step method to learn all the 7 Karma Deck stacks in under 21 minutes is explained. This introduces a new concept of Karma Pairs. You will be surprised at how easily you will be able to learn these stacks.

An essay on the psychology of stack magic is also included.

The first few cards of one of the Karma Deck stacks are as follows: 2S, AC, 9H, 5C, 4S, QD, 8D, 7H, 3C, JH, 10D

The first few cards of another Karma Deck stack are as follows: JD, 4C, 9H, 2S, 7S, QD, 5H, 10D, 3C, 8C, AH

The first few cards of yet another Karma Deck stack are as follows: 4S, 5C, 9H, AC, 2S, QD, 10D, JH, 3C, 7H, 8D, 6S

Random values, random suits and very random stacks. This Karma Deck Pro Eleven Ebook Bundle contains the following ebooks:

  1. Gaspers with Karma Deck
  2. Karma Deck Multiverse
  3. Suit Order Systems Volume 3
  4. The Psychology of Stack Magic
  5. Karma Deck Monday Stack
  6. Karma Deck Tuesday Stack
  7. Karma Deck Wednesday Stack
  8. Karma Deck Thursday Stack
  9. Karma Deck Friday Stack
  10. Karma Deck Saturday Stack
  11. Karma Deck Sunday Stack

The 9 routines included in Gaspers with Karma Deck are

  1. Birthday Surprise
  2. Double Deck Drama
  3. Cross Weight
  4. Contact Card Reading
  5. Telepathic Cross Weight
  6. Scuba Card Diving
  7. Mini Envelope Giant Routine
  8. Untossed Out Divination
  9. Wrong Memory Right Result

“Dear Friends, I once again convey my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your continued support and patronage since the release of my first ebook Karma Deck a year ago. Since then I could manage 41 releases on Lybrary so far. Hearty thanks to Chris Wasshuber for providing this excellent platform for magic authors. In future too, I will strive my best to live up to your high standards.” – Unknown Mentalist“In Karma Deck Pro the Unknown Mentalist expands his principles to give you a cornucopia of stacks to choose from. If you want you can even learn them ALL (it’s not that hard) which will give you enough different stacks for a life time! I really am a big fan of Unknown Mentalist’s thinking, Karma Deck Pro is one of the simplest and quickest to learn stacks I know BUT it’s the flexibility of the system which is truly staggering. Pay particular attention to the Suit Ordering System as this can be applied to other traditional stacks BUT it eliminates the weakness of the four suits rotating. If you are into stack deck magic or even if you are just beginning; Karma Deck PRO is a must have.” – Marc Paul

“I have read your Karma Deck Pro. It contains a lot of amazing material. I love your “Two Way Inversely Mirrored Value Position Pairing” regarding the Karma Deck Principle. Also, the SOS volume 3 is a great idea.” – Dr. Hans Christian Solka

1st edition 2016, 125 pages.
word count: 20620 which is equivalent to 82 standard pages of text