Karl Fulves – Setting Up Exercises


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Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

111 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

1.)Before The Shuffle
•Practice is Perfect
•What This is not
•Tells All
•In Conclusion
2.)Terms of Engagement
•Standard Grip
•Cardboard Shuffle #1
•Stretch Test
3.)Not By The Book
•Fake Poker
•Four In One
•Paradox Poker
•One Shuffle Poker
4.)Hold Backs
•Hold One
•Holding Back Two
•Holding Back Three
•Mix Up
•Holding Back Four
•Don’t Let The Left
•Hands Together
•Same But Different
•Flat Stax
•Hold Over
•Accelerated Aces
•Cardboard Shuffle #2
•ReStack Jack
•A Glassic Test
•Clipped Blocks
•Bottom Hold
5.)The Even Riffle
•Same Time
•Primitive Trap
•Not So Primitive
•Even Riffling
•Faro Fallacy
•Unbalanced Packets
•Lift Off
•Triple Trap
•Evenly Uneven
•Same Place
•At The Top
•Riffle Stab
•Why it Doesn’t Work
•Cardboard Shuffle #3
•Timed Release
•Downs Poker Trick
•3 Aces 4 Hands
•Thumb Tips
6.)Drop Offs
•Cardboard Shuffle #4
•Quick Release
•Larger Blocks
•Blackjack for Three
•The Poker Cheat
•It Won’t Work
•Two Card Stud
•Running Up Two
•Running Up Three
•Running Up Four
•Miller Lite
7.)Pre-Established Breaks
•Pick Ups
•Inside Pick Up
•Center Pick Up
•Outside Pick Up
•Technical Points
•Double Pick Up
•3-Card Pick Ups
•Mastering Pick-Ups
•Pick-Up Poker
•Multiple Breaks
•The Triple Break
•Mastering Triples
•Large Blocks
•Rock ‘n Riffle
•Double Break
•Center Breaks
•Bottom Breaks
•Break Offs
•Practicing Break-Offs
•Speed Stacking
8.)More Shuffle Controls
•Stripper Controls
•Equal Riffle
•Crimp Work
•Cheat Shuffle
•Putting Up Threes
•Double Duke In One
•Faro Riffle Shuffle
•Under Tension
•Perfect Riffle Shuffle
•Zarrow Faro Shuffle
•Securing Threes
•The Underlying System
•The Lake Run-Up
•Much Into Little
•Red-Blue Timing