Justin Higham – Non-Automatic Card Tricks

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Self-working and semi-automatic card tricks are more popular than ever, but card tricks of the ‘non-automatic’ kind are not always difficult to master. The material in this book ranges from very easy to difficult, but most of it is within reach of the average card student.

This is a collection of over 20 previously unpublished items including:

  • 5 variations on the classic Drop Switch
  • 2 Tilt moves
  • 3 ace switches
  • 2 forces
  • 2 ace controls
  • 2 packet switches
  • 5 effects and various other ideas (including 2 simple card productions).

Includes a cut-the-high-cards game which the spectator loses by cutting all the ‘low cards’ (the Aces), an instant sandwich where three effects happen simultaneously, a visual transition based on Geoff Latta’s ambitious card using the riffle pass, a rising card that can be performed in any bar environment, and a clock trick where a mentally selected card vanishes from a packet of 12 cards and reappears back in the deck at a thought-of hour (this does not use the clock-trick principle or other mathematics).


  • Re-show Switch 1
  • Re-show Switch 2
  • Open-drop Switches 1, 2 & 3
  • Block Push-out Tilt Subtlety (Peter Dudley)
  • Side-Tilt Control
  • Disguised Braue Addition
  • Open-action Fan Addition
  • Multiple-lift Fan Addition
  • Wrist-turn Bluff Force
  • Palm-down Illogical Riffle Force
  • Fake-cut Principle
  • Illogical Ace-control
  • Covered Vernon Change (David Davies)
  • Illogical Throw-down Switch
  • Aces Low
  • Further Filling (Will Houstoun)
  • Un/Trapped
  • Bar-top Rising Card
  • Pseudo Air-pressure Turnover 1 & 2
  • Time Travel (+ Jinx-switch Method)

25 pages, saddle-stitched A5 printed booklet with card covers and 80 photos.