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John Carey is BACK! In the second installment of The Magic of The Masters series John shares with you outstanding routines by magicians such as David Solomon, Peter Kane, Larry Jennings and Edward Marlo as well as some choice gems from John himself.

Why not join him and the Academy team for a night of amazing magic that we are sure will become a staple part of your working repertoire.

First Half:

  1. The Visitor- Larry Jennings
  2. Jazz Aces- Peter Kane
  3. The Dingle Collectors- Derek Dingle
  4. The 11 Card Trick- Edward Víctor/ Derek Dingle
  5. The Lazy Mans Card to Pocket- C.O Williams
  6. The 7 card Lie Detector- Dave Solomon

Second Half:

  1. Streamlined Prediction- John Carey
  2. Slow Motion Copper Silver- John Carey
  3. Just a drop- Andrew Galloway
  4. Ambitious 12345- Jennings/Cervon/Nelson
  5. Tantalizing Sandwich – Cameron Francis
  6. Bluff Ace Assembly- Edward Marlo

**Please note due to the live nature of our courses the syllabus and or dates may be subject to change without prior notification