Jes Hansen – Emotional Connector (limited release, official pdf)


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This is not simply any routine this is my personal closer!

I will share with you in this to 50 copies limited release a piece of psychic entertainment that is not only meaningful but also incredibly clean in its method.

A performance piece that is meant for the experienced performer to enhance your show. The proceedings are quite simple in essence.

Two spectators are invited to join you on stage, a deck is spread face up with all 52 different cards clearly visible. The cards are picked up and spread again but this time face down.
Each of the two spectators place their index finger on a card – any card! Exactly the cards they have their fingers on are removed from the spread. When turned over the cards resemble a perfect matching pair! Nothing is ever switched and it’s a completely free choice. It is that clean. It is draped in a wonderful and emotional performance about the connection of two people and what it means to find our soul mate.

This makes it an excellent performance piece for quality entertainment and is a dream come true for you next wedding gig.

The eBook has 22 pages with 6500 words describing everything you need to know about the routine with its underlying thoughts, methods and choreography described in detail.

Of course, I included my full script with the routine so you have anything you need to build on!
You have to build a gimmick for the routine that will have to do shopping for. In the text, you will find instructions for a light version too, that you can make with things you probably already have around.

“Jes’ Emotional Connection is more than a mere effect, it’s a show stopper. Beautifully scripted and elegant – I loved it.”
-Peter Turner

“Jes Hansen has a new routine for us. Very impressed with his thinking so far!”
-Pablo Amira

“I can certainly confirm that Jes’ s passion and attention to detail shine through on this piece of work , an emotional and uplifting effect”
-Dave Turton