Jamie Daws – Torce (Instant Download)


Perfectly predict HOW someone is going to tear ANY paper. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.

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“Clean, Clever and Direct! i love it!!” – Dan Hauss

“Torce is a very clever utility move that can be applied to many effects. It’s well worth learning because you then have the know how to perform a strong piece of impromptu mentalism. Well done to Jamie for releasing this!” – Angelo Carbone

“Torce is an amazing principle which will no doubt open the flood gates of your creativity. The inns and outs of this ingenious technique are very clearly explained and to whet your appetite Jamie offers some great routine suggestions. With the abundance of new material on the market it is often difficult to decide where your money should go. Let me say this, it is very rare that new principles come along and it’s also my firm belief that there is far more value to be found in principles than in off the shelf products. For this reason alone I have no hesitation in recommending this to you! You will not be disappointed!” – Michael Murray

“Jamie’s done it again! Torce is a clever and intriguing mentalism gambit that opens up a new world of possibilities. Excellent stuff!” – Dave Forrest

“This is a useful and clever idea, applicable to many different situations. It’s a tool, meant to be used where it’s most helpful. I could easily see myself incorporating it as a step in a larger routine. This is well worth picking up!” – Joshua Quinn

“Torce is a very deceptive force that has unlimited applications for “Mentalism and Magic”. After reading Torce Force I instantly found a place for it in a Passcode routine I wanted to create. I think that Torce Force should be in every “Mentalists” ToolBox, it’s that clever.” – Myke Phillips

“This is a great idea and very unique. Creative thinking from a very creative man. I love it!” – Lee Smith

Live Performance
Basic Method
Combining Methods

You Will Tear This Corner
Noughts & Crosses
Torce Book Test
Torce Chair Test
Motion Crosses

Bonus Ideas:
Propless Torce
Final Thoughts