Fraser Parker – The Fool Who Persists in Folly (Ultimate prop-less Star Sign) (advertised performance videos not included)

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Fraser shares his ULTIMATE solution to the prop-less star sign divination.

EVEN if you own other star sign guesses from Fraser and his friends, you NEED this!

Fraser says it is his last word on this particular plot and doubts he will be able to improve on it.

He intended on NEVER releasing this latest break-through to the community but says he needs to now that he has performed it in front of other magicians.

THIS is THE cleanest and easiest star sign guess ever devised for use in close up and intimate settings and can even be used on stage.

It is practically self working and takes mere moments to perform.

Nothing looks or feels out of place.

NO anagrams
NO re-frame
NO letters or words called out by the spectator
NO cueing your spectator
NO stooges or instant stooges
NO unneccessary process
NO Dual Reality
NO props or language restrictions

It is conversational in nature and looks exactly as it should!

YOU take hold of the spectator’s hand in order to establish a connection with the sitter and deliver a personality reading THEN effortlessly reveal their star sign.

THAT’s it!

It takes a few seconds! And you ALWAYS know their sign!

The core method can be applied to other effects as well as used to divine different information, with a little thought.

Performance videos will be linked to in the booklet