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Spoiler Alert: You are about to enter the mind of Ryan Matney.

That means a few things. For one, it means card effects that have won praise from John Bannon, Max Maven, Peter Duffie, and David Regal, to name a few. For another, it means unique plots you may not have come up with yourself, like suspects in the Jack the Ripper murders or an effect where the spectator gets to choose the ending. It also means devilishly simple solutions to card problems without using complicated sleight of hand.

In this one volume are 50 effects, 30 of which are unpublished. So if you have enjoyed his printed work, you are well prepared for the whimsical and eccentric plots, as well as the detail constructions,  that await you now. Make sure you check out “The Mind of a Cheat” and “The Wheel of Endings.”

If you haven’t read Matney before, you are in for a treat! Make sure you check out Matney classics such as “Amara Rises Again” and “The Whitechapel Solution.”

You have been warned! You are about to enter the mind of Matney. Spoiler Alert: You won’t want to turn back! Order your copy today!