Doctor Jones by Atlas Brookings


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When Andrew Brown and Atlas Brookings released The Crusade in 2013, it was to widespread acclaim, loved by both reviewers and performers all over the world and hailed as an instant classic, with over 1,000 copies sold to date! Doctor Jones is simply… The Latest Instalment in a Legendary Franchise An Impossible Thought of Card at a Thought of Number effect, reminiscent of The Crusade both in presentation and impact, but which ONLY requires a single participant. This is a self contained effect, unique in methodology, and does not require knowledge of The Crusade in order to perform. As with The Crusade, Doctor Jones can be performed with a borrowed, shuffled deck, and requires no sleight of hand whatsoever. Moreover, Doctor Jones requires only one participant, allows them to freely choose their number, and ensures that the performer never knows the quantity or contents of the packet used. It is hard to envision a piece of mind reading that is any more direct!