Denis Behr – Handcrafted Card Magic Vol. 3

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The magic of Denis Behr is spectacular, entertaining, and out-of-this-world mystifying. (A nice way of saying that he made me smile while he fooled the crap out of me!)
Steve Forte


Check out what Steve Forte said about this book!
Jason England


  • Foreword by David Williamson
  • Introduction
  • Routined Arith-Mate-ic
  • An ingenious Elmsley principle is reworked into an astonishing three-phase routine.
  • Set-Up from Tamariz Stack
  • Extended Gambling Demonstration
  • You want to be able to do anything with a deck of cards? Your audience will believe it after this routine.
  • Mating Season
  • A multi-phase mating extravaganza! The finale will melt the spectators’s brains. Beware.
  • Getting into Power Stack from Tamariz Stack
  • The Dark Force
  • The choice couldn’t be more free. Or so it seems.
  • On the Bottom Deal
  • A Bottom Deal that permits dry hands and a worn deck. It should be in anyone’s toolbox.
  • Mr. Luckiest
  • If you want to play cards with anyone in the future, then you better never perform this routine.
  • Managing the Palm
  • Chair Holdout
  • Photographic Memory
  • Memorize a shuffled deck in a flash, and then prove it.
  • The Overhand Shuffle of the Deck
  • The More the Merrier
  • A strategy for more convincing multiple selection routines.
  • Haunted Herbert
  • The most popular rubber band on the planet learned a new trick!
  • Tabled Handling
  • In-the-Hands Handling
  • Epilogue
  • Bibliography