Dee Christopher – Penguin Live Lecture (November 22nd, 2015)


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“He will blow your mind like someone stuffed TNT in your lug holes.” – Bizarre Magazine

“Dee Christopher is one of the most skilled and talented mentalists that I have met throughout the last 8 years of engaging, testing, judging and watching amazing individuals perform in front of me! His look is cool, mysterious and he projects an aura of mysticism around himself and throughout his act! If you want to be mystified and astonished, I highly recommend him!” – Uri Geller

“This guy is INSANE!!” – 36 Crazyfists

A charmer, a true “rock ‘n’ rolla” and a master of deception and trickery, Dee Christopher is the UK’s leading alternative magician.

What will he teach?

Quicksilver – A beautiful, interactive metal bending routine with fluid visual bends and twists.

Syn – A coin bending routine in which two coins bend, using just sleight of hand and a clever linguistic ploy that you can use elsewhere too!

Legion – A ‘hidden in plain sight’ gimmick that allows you to create hands off card forces, perform mind reading, hallucination effects and more. Takes 2 minutes to set up, and you only have to do it once.

Broken Wings – A gimmicked note pad with which you can force cards or pictures, create automatic writing effects, peek information and much, much more!

Kill Scene – A horror movie themed confabulation style effect, with none of the work!

Cast – A gimmick that fits in your wallet that allows you to know a word thought of from a borrowed book at any time.

Syllacode – A two person code that works in ANY language, with no memory required and as long as your confederate knows the ultra-simple secret, you’re set to go.

The New Black – A thought of word on a thought of ESP card. (Or playing card!)

Scar – Visually HEAL a scar, (that can be seen or touched by your audience) for a time…

Falling Coins – Prove that you can influence which way three coins will fall, in your spectator’s hands, without touching anything.

Rush – A close up Russian roulette style effect with cigarette lighters.

– Plus more!

Who is he?

Dee Christopher, star of TV show “Killer Magic” and International man of mystery, will teach you the tricks of his trade; not only with his effects, but also a plethora of linguistic techniques, subtleties and important points on performance, character AND working in some of the most difficult environments you can imagine.

Dee spends his life traveling around the world from Hollywood goth clubs to London rock venues to red light cabaret clubs in the back streets of Geneva.

With a wit as pointed as his boots, Dee likes his metal heavy and his coffee black, and that’s reflected in the places he performs and the acts that he presents.

You will find direct and clear effects for mentalists and mind reading magicians. This is a rare lecture appearance for Dee and it is not to be missed!