Burglar Box – By Matt Pilcher (Instant Download)

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After a number of years ‘Burglar Box’ is HERE!
What started out as just a coin trick has evolved into a truly mystifying coin AND card trick with a genuinely unique presentation.

You take out a card box which has inside it a single Joker that is behind bars. The spectator can inspect BOTH the card box and the jailed Joker, the Joker goes back inside the box and the box is closed up. Your spectator takes out a coin and signs it, the signed coin is then placed on the spectators hand and as you bring the box closer to their hand the coin is STOLEN into the box!
NO THREADS! NO MAGNETS! It’s that damn devious jailed Joker. You open up the box and take out the stolen coin BUT WAIT there’s more, the Joker is no longer behind bars!

”No idea how it’s done!” – Dan Ebery (Magician and Filmmaker)

”Looks good.” – David Rangel (Award Winning Magician)

”You’re a creative genius, I love you.” – Justin Miller (Magician, Creator, Consultant)