Bob Cassidy – Slate Killers


Eerie and mystifying, spirit writing is POWERFUL STUFF. Learn how a living legend presents spirit miracles that destroy modern audiences.
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A practical guide to mind reading with slates. Slate Killers will show some of Bob’s most closely guarded secrets for bringing this classic effect to modern audiences.

Slate routines don’t appear in print very often but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a major part of many professional mind readers working material. Slate routines allow you to produce supernatural miracles with the most innocent looking props. Now doing these miracles are even easier AND much more practical for the hobbyist as well as the pro.

Included in this instant download you will learn.

Routines- both classic as well as new ideas using slates, all with the Bob Cassidy touch.

Techniques- Learn how to make the slates work in the real world. Learn valuable switches including an idea using just ONE slate.

Advice from Bob- this is an opportunity to learn from a master of his craft. Not only will you learn these extremely valuable methods but you will learn all the real secrets from a pro with decades of experience.